Installation Guide For Vland 06-12 Lexus Is250 Headlights

Installation Guide For Vland 06-12 Lexus Is250 Headlights

In the past period of time, Vland has optimized the service of installation guide. In the coming days, we will continue to supplement the electronic version of the installation guide and installation video of the product. Today,we will show you the Vland Lexus Is250 headlights Installation Guide.

Light Up Your Life
06-12 Lexus IS Sedan 09-15 IS C(ALE20) 07-14 IS F(USE20) XE20 Vland Matrix Projector Headlights With Blue DRL

This Vland Lexus headlight is our new product.The biggest difference between this headlight and the previous model of the same model is the exterior design of the headlight and the dynamic effect of the Blue DRL.

Note: If you encounter difficulties during the installation process, please do not force the installation and immediately seek help from professional technicians for the installation.

Part 2:Suggested Installation Tools

Suggested Installation Tools

Part 3:Installation Step

Step 1:Open the front hood,remove the radiator shroud

Step 2:Remove the front bumper

Step 3:Remove the old headlights and replace the new headlights

Step 4:Headlights Adjustment

Step 5:Vland Lexus Is250 Headlights Installation Complete

Installation Compelete

Vland Lexus Is250 Headlights Installation Video


That’s all for Vland Lexus Is250 Headlights Installation Guide. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please consult our online customer service or professional technicians first.
If you took an installation video, you are more than welcome to share it with us. We will give you some small gifts or cash coupons in return. With your permission, we will also share your installation video on our social media. We believe it can help more people install our products perfectly.

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2 thoughts on “Installation Guide For Vland 06-12 Lexus Is250 Headlights

  1. Alvaro Abaunza says:

    Hi. I recently bought the new style vland headlights for my 2010 Is250 via ebay. I had them installed but when I drive my car, the headlights flicker. How can I solve this issue?

    1. Eric says:

      We are sorry for the situation you are experiencing.
      Please submit a screenshot of your purchase and your order number at the link below.
      We will deal with it asap.

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