Five of the Most Iconic BMW Car Lights Designs

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If it was five years ago, BMW has been widely regarded as one of the few car makers to be consistent in design. The vast majority of models would carry over most of the design elements such as BMW car lights from the previous generation without major changes. Some people like it, others are against it.

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But regardless, BMW design elements are now undergoing major changes. The once Hoffmeyer corners, the double kidney grille are all starting to shift. And the BMW car lights, familiar to several generations of Bimmer, have quietly changed.

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As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Many people are quite interested in BMW car lights. When the design of a model’s car lights is perfect enough, it has even become an important factor for a significant portion of car owners to buy this model. Today we will introduce the 5 most iconic BMW car lights.

5 most iconic BMW car light.


BMW 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series in the Bangle Era

Love Chris Bangle? Or hate Chris Bangle? Either way, love-hate is the best idiom to evaluate the BMWs designed in the Bangle Era.

When a Bangle-era BMW comes up to you from a mile away, people usually instantly notice the design features of this model. This speaks to the uniqueness of Bangle’s design. It is the BMW 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series of the early 2000s that are usually the most distinctive.

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In the post-Bangle Era, many design elements have not been reproduced. For example, the earliest design of the fourth generation BMW 7 Series (E65). Perhaps the image in the minds of most people would find it difficult to accept. This is because the tail lights of the fourth-generation BMW 7 Series are set on top of the tailcap, separated from the tail lights, with a gap in between. This looks a bit out of place from the rear. And the pair of bubble-shaped headlights that resemble goldfish eyes still look rather dull now. But the recognition is undoubtedly very high.

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BMW M4 GTS / CS OLED Dragon Scale Tail Lights

When we think of the BMW M4 GTS (F82), we think of its price tag of over $300,000. Maybe it also reminds us of the S55 engine with water injection technology and the golden rear anti-roll bar… In fact, on the outside, the OLED technology tail lights that come with the BMW M4 GTS. These tail lights are called “dragon scale tail lights” by the Bimmer. Years later it still makes us feel very “respectful”.

The OLED tail lights are unique to the BMW M4 GTS and BMW CS version, and even the BMW M3 (F80) has not gotten them. Presumably, this is because the development cost of this tail light is too high. The OEM supplier of this tail light is OSRAM, which has been developing this tail light since 2012.

Vland OLED Tail Lights For 14-20 BMW 4 Series/ M4

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which produces light through a thin film of semiconductor material. The BMW M4 GTS is the first car to feature OLED technology. Each tail light has 15 individual OLED tubes. From a design and technical point of view, OLED technology has greatly improved BMW’s design standards.


BMW mid-cycle revision of the X7 & the new BMW 7 Series split headlights

As you can see, the mid-cycle BMW X7 and the next generation of the new 7 Series feature a bold and unrestrained headlight design. BMW’s design department has previously revealed slightly that such a split headlight design will only be adopted in future BMW flagship models.

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The BMW 7 Series (G70) will also have split headlights with Swarovski crystal accents. It is clear that BMW appears to have a plan for such an expensive design. Although the future is still uncertain whether people will like such lights. But at the moment, it seems that there is controversy, there is heat, always much better than some obscure models.


BMW E9 / 3.0 CSL "Twin Round Headlights

Although technically the predecessor of the BMW E9 was already equipped with “twin round lights”, the E9 refined them. 2800 CS debuted in 1968 and was the first model in the E9. It was equipped with headlights that for a long time, many people thought didn’t look like much.

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Many people were not familiar with the E9. But the 3.0 CSL that marked the birth of BMW’s M division, you will always have an impression of this M Totem model, right?

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The signature feature of BMW, which has been designed for more than 30 years, is the two separate round headlights. Although this was not a unique design language of BMW at that time. But with BMW’s firm use of twin round headlights with a double kidney grille design, one of the world’s most unique luxury car brands has a glimpse of the excellent design.


BMW 5 Series (E39)/M5 "Angel Eyes”

Everyone is familiar with the BMW 5 Series from the E34. The reason for this is the BMW 5 Series (E34), which has a very high rate of appearance in the film. After this, the BMW E39 can be said to be the official BMW 5 Series of our generation, becoming the dream of a generation of people.

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If Audi opened the first LED lights, BMW’s “Angel Ring” is the trend of an era. The “Angle Ring” is already the best way to identify BMW.
In 2001, BMW’s headlights were already beautifully designed. However, the addition of the incandescent white ring to the lights not only added a unique and modern look, but also kept the charm of the original. The best examples of this are the BMW 5 Series (E39) and BMW M5, which even today are important symbols for recognizing BMW on the road.

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The appearance of each BMW lights is always a surprise accompanied by a discussion. No matter what, every era always returns something. We believe that BMW’s strong innovation ability will bring us more exciting car light designs next.

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