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In the past time, many customers have asked us if Vland is a factory. Our answer is “Yes”. Vland factory has a complete production process. It covers design, mold making, manufacturing, quality control, shipping, etc. Therefore, during the production process, Vland will also apply for certificates for our products. Up to now, our factory has American DOT, European E-Mark, and Chinese CCC certifications to assure product quality. As for production capacity, our factory has IATF 16949 auto parts production management system and ISO 9001 quality management system certification standards.Get more detail, please click here–Vland certificate!

Let’s move on to today’s main content—reveal how Vland products are produced from our factory.

Step 1:Determine the Design Plan

Before producing the lights, our researchers will go through a rigorous market and product survey for this model. After several search and design meetings, development plans are finalized for products that are feasible for development. After the production plan is finalized, the technical staff of the development and design department will start to work on the 3D modeling design.

Vland search and design meetings for New Products

Step 2:Build the Headlight or Tail Lights Mold

At this stage, the most important models of headlights are Housing, Lens and Shroud. headlight molds are the basis of headlight production, and the good or bad of the molds directly affect the good or bad of the products. A good headlight mold is not made overnight, but after repeated modifications and tests to finally polish the best product mold. When the headlight model is made, it enters the production process.

Vland product 3d model
Vland car lights 3d design drawings

Step 3:Housing, Shroud, Lens Making

Someone once compared the process of manufacturing and assembling headlights to “making burgers”. This is not as simple as making burgers, but it is very graphic.

Housing, shroud and lens of headlight are the foundation of headlight production. It determines the appearance of the lights and the location of the high and low beam. There is a central feeding system in Vland’s factory. Through the central feeding system, the PC material is injected into the mold and cooled to shape. After the shroud is initially molded, workers wipe it with an anti-static cloth, apply a protective layer, and cure it in the oven. The purpose of this process is to prevent scratches and aging yellowing.

Vland Injection molding process
Electroplating Spray Painting

Step 4:Making Circuit Board

Only reasonable circuit board design and production can ensure the normal operation of the functional lighting of the lights. At the same time, the service life of the lights also has a lot to do with the quality of the circuit board. The production of the circuit board must be said to SMT automatic production technology. SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology, is characterized by the use of components surface mount technology and reflow soldering technology, become a new generation of assembly technology in the manufacture of electronic products. 

After printing, it will enter the manual visual inspection or AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). After this, it will enter the placement machine several times for placement, and finally enter the welding process. After several times of manual visual inspection or AOI to confirm that there is no defect, the production workers will be put through the hot plate welding process will be lamp beads and other parts of the lamp welded on the circuit board, and finally will enter the test and aging steps, after these links, the lamp circuit board will be completed.

Making Circuit Board

Step 5:Carlight Assembly

Most people first choose to modify the high and low beam to improve their light configuration. Among them, the original use of reflector bowl high and low beam will generally choose to match the lens to upgrade. Therefore, the installation of the lens is also crucial in the production process. The assembly workers will carefully check and wipe the produced lights to make sure they are correct and then carry out the initial assembly. 

These preliminary assembled lenses will be transported to the other side of the standardized assembly hall for complete assembly. The installer will install the circuit board, bulb and other parts on top of the housing according to the original design drawings, and finally seal the edges with professional hot melt adhesive to press the lens, shroud and housing together. The assembly of the headlight assembly is completed.

Lens installation in Vland Factory (2)
Car lights assembly in Vland factory

Step 6:Testing Stage

The testing stage of headlight installation is an important step to ensure the quality of the headlight, all headlights will undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory. Headlight flow test, anealing heat treatment and so on will be carried out in this part.

Headlights flow testing
Car Lights Testing in Vland Factory

Step 7:Finished Carlights

After the lights pass the quality test before leaving the factory, they will be packed by the packaging department. These Vland lights will be shipped to the customer.

Vland Car lights


The above is the whole process of making Vland headlights or tail lights. If you are interested in our products or factory, please feel free to contact us!

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