3 Famous Modified Car Shows In The World

3 Famous Modified Car Shows In The World

With the stabilization of the world epidemic, modified car shows around the world are starting to return to normal one after another. Manufacturers like Vland attend modified car shows to get timely market development trends and more opportunities for technical exchange. Modified car shows are also the best time and place for exhibitors to focus on demonstrating their products or feeling their services for potential customers.

In the past time, Vland will send a team consisting of designers, manufacturing staff and sales staff to participate in the exhibitions around the world. Today, we are highlighting the Top 3 shows that have influence in the modified car industry.

The World Modification Trendsetter--SEMA Show

SEMA Show (5)

As an inseparable part of the car culture, the core modified products and ideas also belong to “special equipment”. Therefore, the show, which was founded in 1963, has become the most famous modified car event in the world.

SEMA Show (2)

At the SEMA Show, in addition to the industry forum and seminars, the most popular is the “competition” of tens of thousands of modified cars. At the same time, the sales of modified products will also create a huge industrial chain every year. Car maintenance parts, vintage car restoration parts, car electronics, and high-performance tuning parts are the core of the show. At the SEMA Show you can also see displays from family cars, SUVs, pickup trucks to off-road vehicles, RVs, motorhomes and multi-purpose vehicles.

SEMA Show (1)

The United States is the most developed country in the world in terms of automotive culture, and the appeal of the SEMA Show is undeniable. When the show approaches, fans, owners and dealers gather from all over the United States to “Vegas” to showcase their work and learn about the latest modification trends that are also anticipated.

European Modification Pioneer—Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show (1)

Essen Motor Show was born on the basis of the European car market. It also upholds the European pursuit of vehicle detail and quality. At the Essen Motor Show, although there are also nearly a thousand manufacturers participating in the exhibition every year, the “popularity” seems to be incomparable with the SEMA Show. The reason is that in addition to the fact that Europeans are more low-key and reserved, the unique exhibition format of Essen Motor Show is also an important reason.

On the Essen Motor Show, the traffic density is sparse, and the well-known “car model” is a rare species. The layout of each booth is simple and elegant, only to show the features and technical advantages of the products as much as possible. Many of the world’s best modified car brands are headquartered in Europe. So every year at the Essen show, these giants will bring their latest products and new technologies. The advantage of “location” also makes the professionalism of Essen Motor Show always at the top level in the industry.

In addition to the exhibition itself, the biggest charm of Essen Motor Show lies in the area and the larger “bazaar”. The brand-new modified products just released in the morning can be found at the exhibition the next day. Mod fans can enjoy the benefits of directly purchasing their favorite mods. A wide selection of products, a guaranteed quality guarantee, and the special offers during the exhibition, these factors make it a “pilgrimage” for tuning enthusiasts from all over Europe to Essen every year. In addition, Essen Motor Show is not only a modified car show but also a modified car sports show. At the exhibition, through live driving demonstrations, the unique charm of modification is displayed in a huge independent motor sports and motor sports arena.

Asian modification advance team - Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon (1)

Tokyo Auto Salon is the only international auto show without “Show” in its name. In fact, the “Salon” in the name can better reflect the unique charm of the exhibition. Compared with the other two major auto shows, the Tokyo Auto Salon is more like a collective exhibition of the Japanese art world every year – only the vehicle becomes a car.

Tokyo Auto Salon (3)

Tokyo Auto Salon has an equally long history, having been held for more than 40 years. It is currently the largest and most professional modification event in Asia. Tokyo Auto Salon has gradually formed two major features: professional car modification and imaginative car artwork.

As the eastern center of the world’s automobile field, Japan has been a paradise for tuning enthusiasts all over the world in the early years. Since the 1990s, Japanese street car products have become famous all over the world, and a number of excellent tuning manufacturers have also been born. Today, whenever a heavyweight Japanese model is launched, major Japanese manufacturers will scramble to launch matching modified parts, and compete in the annual modified auto show. In addition to testing the performance on the track, the “appearance competition” during the exhibition was equally exciting.

Tokyo Auto Salon (2)


The above are the three world-famous modified car exhibitions that we have introduced this time. In addition, there are also modified car exhibitions of various scales around the world. Interested friends can go to learn more and choose to participate.

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